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Characters: Cindread, slipstream, silverbolt, soundwave (before he was a decepticon), Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker

   It's the same thing. The perfect seeker. Bred specificlly for flight. One worthey of leadiing Vos. There was only one other being that held the title. My father. Exiled for crimes against our people when I was just a sparklling. Now, that leaves me to take his place. I have never met him. I don't even know his name, or why  or what he did to beserve to be exiled. I do know ever since then, Vos is now a dying city, and in need of a new leader. A king and a queen. My name is Cindread, and I am the future of the city of seekers, Vos.

   "Cindread, it's time to wake up." I heard my mother say opening the door to my berthroom. I sat up, stretching out my wings. I looked to my mother. Her bright smile greeted mine. "Morning mother." I said as I climed out of my bed and onto the bolcony that over looked Vos. Over the city wall was Iacon. I dream of the day I will finally be ablle to go beyond the wall, but with war raveging the planet , it was nothing but a dream.

   My mother stood at my side, taking in the scene of our dying planet.  She shook her helm at the sight. "If the city dies, Cybertron will be no more." I turned away from the city, and back over to my berth and sat on the edge, and thats when Soundwave came in.

   "The suitor is here, my queen." My mothers wings perked and a smiles came across her face. "Cindread, look presentable and meet us in the ball room." She said before she walked out with Soundwave. I sat confused as the maids came in and polished my armor. A suitor was here, and I had to look presentable? The suitor couldn't be for me... right?

   After my armor was shinned to a sleek shine, I walked into the ball room as ordered by my mother. I entered the room where my mother, Soundwave, and the suitor was, and thats when my Optics met his. I looked at the seeker before, and he wasn't from the city. He was from Iacon, and was an Autobot. Inactive fighter I guessed. He greeted me by taking my right talon and kisses the knuckles. "It's an honor to meet you Cindread. My name is Silverbolt." He said his voice causing me to go limp.

   We were lost in eachothers optics until my mother came between us. "Cindread, you and silverbolt are the only two who can bring Vos back to it's former glory." At that a thought came into my processor. What if this is all an act to just get the riches of being king? My spark sank. He doesn't even love me. I ripped my optics away from his and left the room. My mother stayed with silverbolt, and Soundwave followed me up to my room.

   "Princess Cindread, are you alright." Soundwave asked. I stood on the balcony looking past the city and over the wall at Iacon. "i'm leaving Vos, Soundwave. I'm not going to bond with a mech who doesn't even love me." Soundwave Stood there in silence before he walked up to me. "I will honor your dicision." He said before he took my hand. "But where will you go?" He asked kissing my knuckles where silverbolt had.

   I looked over my shoulder at the city, before looking back at Soundwave. "Iacon... I hope." He gave a heavy sigh before cupping my cheek with his long talon. "Be careful my princess." He said before he kissed me. It was completely unexpected, but I never wanted it to end. I felt comfortable when he was around me.

   soundwave broke the kiss and looked me in the optics. I didn't know what to do at this piont. Now that I was with Soundwave, I didn't want to leave. I knew it was nearly impossible that soundwave and I could be together, so I had no choice but to leave. "I-i'm sorry Soundwave, I have to go." He lifted my chin up with his hand. "Please be careful Cindread." He said as he kissed me agian. This time his glossa slipping deep into my mouth.

   I broke the kiss and stepped onto the balcony, transforming and taking flight, leaving soundwave there. I flew over the city, and finally I was over the wall and above Iacon. It wasn't like I expected it. It was darker and there were no Autobots in sight. I spotted a group of mechs and landed. I walked toward them, but stopped dead in my tracks as the mecks drew weapons. I studied them, and they weren't just mech, they were seekers.

   The black and pruple seeker approached me noticing the ensignia of Vos on my wings and summonded the other to his side. Without saying a word the other seeker looked at me shocked, and walked away. "that's rude, don't you two know who I am." The black purple seeker look around the area nervously. "I don't care who you are just keep quiet." I sighed putting my hands on my hips then I saw two seekers walking our way. The blue and white seeker, and now a red and white one.

   "This better be important thun- Cindread?" He said shocked. I arched an optic ridge. "Finally, someone who knows me." He crouched down to me. "What are you doing outside of Vos?" He askes swiping a finger over my cheek. I backed away from his touch scowling at the seeker. "Don't lay a finger on me. I am the princess of Vos." I said. A dark smile slid across his lips. "Thundercracker, Skywarp, bind her wings so she can't fly away."

   Of course as the seeker said, his trine mates binded my wings and I was shuffed off to a place known as Kaon. Of course, those in Vos didn't even of ever coming here. especially me, but here I am.

Yes, I changed the title :D This turned out better then I though, and part two is yet to come!! XD This story is going to be featured in the twistedMegz group because I might have some fluff going on between megzy and cindread. :;P:
megzysgurl69 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Writer
I want to apologize to anyone who has read this. I didn't realize I made so many mistakes. I really need to slow down when I'm typing.
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December 21, 2012
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